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Imagine your smile transformed from ordinary to extraordinary! A beautiful smile radiates warmth and confidence. It affects how we feel about ourselves and how others see us. A great smile can be our greatest asset- and it withstands the test of time regardless of our age.


Nothing expresses health better than a beautiful smile. Clean, bright teeth and fresh breath say we look after ourselves. A healthy mouth not only looks great but also has a profound effect on the health of our entire body.


A smile you are happy with can build confidence and affect the quality of your life.

5 Tips for A Better, Brighter Smile

1. A really good cleaning! A healthy lifestyle starts with good oral health. An unhealthy mouth is linked to many conditions including heart disease. Current research...


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A word from one of our patients:

I have been coming to Dr. Jan’s office for about eight years now, and feel like I won the lottery just by walking through the door, (which I’ve told her, by the way). I had a number of old large metal fillings that other dentists would not replace for me. Dr. Jan had no hesitation in helping me, by replacing them with overlays and I love my teeth now. My teeth used to be very sensitive, which in my layperson’s opinion, was because metal is such a different medium than the enamel of a natural tooth. I have virtually no sensitivity now and enjoy natural looking and feeling teeth. Dr. Jan and all her staff love their work and that is evident in the way everyone treats you. They are all genuinely concerned with your comfort and satisfaction in whatever work needs to be done. Their professionalism has been and is, truly appreciated.


Committed to Providing You Confidence & Peace of Mind

At A Smile Above, we are committed to providing you with peace of mind and confidence to know that we are here to take care of your smile in a relaxed environment.