BelkyraBELKYRA (also known as KYBELLA® in the United States) is a non-surgical injectable treatment offered at our Vancouver, BC clinic that can reduce submental (under the chin) fat and redefine your jawline, effectively eliminating your double chin without surgery. BELKYRA is Health Canada approved and consists of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. When injected into a targeted area, it destroys fat cell membranes, allowing the fat inside to be released and naturally eliminated from the body.

Perhaps you have tried diet and exercise to lose weight, yet still have a double chin that just won’t disappear. Sometimes a double chin has nothing to do with body weight, and is instead is hereditary or due to hormones or. It can be frustrating because a double chin can make you look older, heavier, or unhealthier than you actually are.

If you are bothered by your double chin and nothing you’re doing on your own is working, BELKYRA may be the solution. Contact our Vancouver, BC office today at 604-688-4422 or book an appointment online with our certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kimit Rai.

Benefits of BELKYRA

  • A non-surgical double chin treatment
  • Natural and very safe
  • Short recovery period with mild swelling under the chin


Multiple sessions are recommended (if the fatty deposit is larger) to gradually reduce the unwanted fat. Results vary from patient to patient. As the body expels the fat, slimming of the area occurs over the next 8 weeks. Many patients often experience tightening of the overlying skin – an added benefit.

Number of Sessions Required:

2 to 4 sessions

Spacing Between Sessions:

4 to 6 weeks apart

Length of Each Session:

20 minutes

Possible Downtime:

  • Swelling, possible bruising and itching
  • Possible tingling, pins and needles, or pain
  • Possible temporary nodules under the skin

Post Treatment Care:

  • Resume normal activities immediately post treatment
  • Avoid any strenuous exercise immediately post treatment